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Click on photos for full view.  Photos straight from DPP, opened in X2 for sharpness and size verification; no post work. Today, I don’t care. You can also download each photo, open, select “properties” to see the full EXIF info. Don’t use them, though;)

Back to the old place where my grandparents used to live. We’re revitalizing it, it’s now a beach and lake house.  After the death of two people in less than a week, I needed a break.

My children and I planted a magnolia.

And two olive trees. We have quite a few fruit trees in our little 400m2 backyard.

My 5 year old stepped on some poison-ivy, which I cured with vinegar. Yap, a trick I’ve learnt the hard way when I was his age and never forgot. Vinegar immediately eases the pain and prevents bubbles.

We have a lot of these. I don’t envy the bird’s name at all: Turdus merula. How’re you doing, Turdus?

My 10 year old thinks eyepets are fun. I call his eyepet Turdus… because I can.


One of my great-aunt’s dogs. I love mutts. This guy is a blast: he jumps on the wall and comes to the gate for some TLC.

A vision which will end in a few years:

Going to the café, saw these maniacs and shot them through the window.

Picking your nose and cycling may get you killed.

My +60 year old.

My dad and his stinky cigs. Thank God he is like Clinton and doesn’t inhale. 55-250mm

Back from the café, this guy was way behind.

My 10 year old and his CR moves.


Spending quality time with my family is essential to my survival, enjoying them while I can. Still, in the light of what 2011 is revealing to be (annus horribilis) I find myself coming home with a heavy heart.

annus horribilis – I bet proctologists have some roflmfao with this expression.

My Ana is waiting for me.

My nest.