The Dying Ways I

Portrait of a dying country.

I have a collection called “On mutts and a dying country” where these fit in.
There are two sets mixed here. One belongs to a place that’s only about 300kms from home, yet is so hard to get there I actually have to enter Spain. Ridiculous: I exit Portugal, travel through Spain so I can get to that village. It was a 4 hour drive.
There are hardly any youngsters there; most people I have met were over 80 (even the man sitting on the tractor who yelled at me: take my portrait!) and incredibly nice. Good people.

I have never seen a country who was so ashamed of its people and origins. Most villages are deserted because, god forbids, having farmers means underdevelopment. Harvesting the land makes no profit to anyone. The European Union has fucked up agriculture so badly only small owners and old people dedicated themselves to it, and even so it’s subsistence agriculture.

I have taken many photos yesterday, I may post the rest one day. (:
All photos:
Canon 7D
50mm 1.8
50mm 1.4 USM
100mm 2.8
17-50mm 2:8
No DoF tampering.

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Click on photos for larger size. Hope you enjoy.:)

>80 year old farmer

Man with log fixing a water device on his land

87 year old smiling at me

the woman on the right is >80 and incredibly nice

Take my portrait. Nice bokeh on the 1.8.

Slow transportation. Protected species of donkeys (International Douro Park)

A farmer's dog. My girl's knee. I love that little scar.(:

I have a thing for mutts. We relate very well.

A Farmer's Dog. Love.

The mad chicken: a dog was about to get seriously fucked!

Heavier than my shadow.

Dogs, 3 different ones. Not Pink Floyd, just an out of focus photo I like.